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9-01-02: POPonline To Undergo Changes

In the coming months, Dark Knight Entertainment will be making noticable changes to it's POPonline- Michael Jackson website. The site will be undergoing a more professional look and will be losing some features that it's had over it's 5 year existance.

Continue to visit POPonline for future updates.

Eric M. Hembre "Prince Of Pop"
General Manager Of Dark Knight Entertainment

8-30-02: MTV Honors Michael Jackson On His Birthday

On his birthday, August 29th, Michael Jackson received a special award from MTV during the MTV Video Awards.

Britney Spears presented the Artist of the Millennium award to Michael Jackson. The King of Pop made a short speech and thanked God, his parents, Quincy Jones, magician David Blaine, his managers John McClain and Trudy Green. He also stated that James Brown, who appeared earlier in the show, was a genius.

Source: Planet Jackson

8-29-02: Happy Birthday Michael!

Today pop legend Michael Jackson turns 44. Michael will be appearing at the MTV Video Music Awards to accept a special award. Michael is not scheduled to perform.

- POPonline

7-25-02: Tour Promoter Meets With Michael Jackson

Marcel Avram, the European promoter of previous Michael Jackson solo concert tours will be meeting with Michael in Los Angeles next week.

This is the second time in under two months that the two have had business meetings; the first meeting was held the week before MJNI's Killer Thriller party.

Source: MJNI

7-12-02: Lost Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury Duet Songs Leaked

Two of the most wanted and rumored tracks in MJ HIStory have been released on the Internet. Michael Jackson & the late Freddie Mercury from the band Queen recorded a few tracks together, 2 of which are online. You can download them by clicking the links:

  • "State Of Shock"- Featuring MJ & Freddie Mercury
  • "There Must Be More To Life"- Featuring Background Vocals & Piano by Freddie Mercury

    -POPonline: Special Thanks To MJboard.com For The Links

    7-12-02: POPonline Reacts To Many Michael Jackson Issues

    During the last few months, many things have come out from Michael Jackson's camp, as well as Sony Music. As webmaster of POPonline, I wish to officially state my feelings on the issues.

    On The "What More Can I Give" Petition

    I don't know about some of you, but I will not back this petition. I backed the Whatever Happens petition with some skepticism, and the fire Mottola petition, but I will not sign the What More Can I Give petition to get Sony to release the song, and here's my reasons.

    1. It's a lost cause. The song has been worked on and done since October. If Sony wouldn't release it then, why would they do it now?

    2. No Promotion- Sony won't do jack sh!t promotion wise. We all know it. They already killed Invincible. What makes us all think they won't kill WMCIG's promotion?.

    3. Sony doesn't deserve the song- The song is a great song performed live. I'm just betting the track version is just as great. Sony does not deserve to have such a great song under their control. I think MJ should hang onto the song and when he signs a new record deal with someone else, that's when he releases it. F&ck Sony Music They don't deserve this song.

    So if you want to waste your time and sign the petition, be my guest. But if your like me and you think this petition to get WMCIG released by Sony is a lost cause, sound off. I support Planet Jackson through many things, but this time I simply cannot.

    On Michael Jackson Using The Race Card Against Tommy Mottola & Sony Music

    I simply cannot support using the race card in the fight to give recording artist their freedom of recording. I feel that Michael went over the line and is in line to a possible slander lawsuit. I support Michael in his quest to get recording artist what they deserve, but when you blatenly slander someone, that isn't right. Does that mean I don't support Michael? HELL NO! I totally support Michael 100 %, but I don't support calling Tommy Mottola a racist. We all know he uses his stars to get the $$$. But to call him a racist is wrong.

    On The Make Invincible Visible Campaign

    As of now, POPonline is dropping off the campaign. I feel that album is a lost cause and there is no way WHAT SO EVER that Sony will budge in releasing more singles. There's been speculation by so called "Insiders" that the album will be re-released on a new label. That's total bull sh!t. There's no way of that happening. Until more official sources say that the album is being re-released, it ain't happening folks!

    These are some of the things going on with Michael that I felt I needed to state my opinions on.

    -Eric M. Hembre "Prince Of Pop
    POPonline Webmaster

    7-11-02: Michael Jackson's "Serious Effect" Hits The Internet

    A new Michael Jackson song has been linked up onto the Internet. The song "Serious Effect" has been somehow linked up to the Internet. Speculation is ramped as to how the song got on the net, either from some outside producer that worked with Michael, or Michael himself did it in his quest to mess around with Sony Music, during his fight for fair minority artist rights.

    The song is an incredible song, and can be downloaded here: Get "Serious Effect"

    -POPonline: Special thanks to mjboard.com for the link

    7-01-02: POPonline New Website Scrapped

    With technical problems arising at gizba.com, home of our future POPonline site, I have decided to cancel all plans for the new site. During the making on the new site, I had just finished working on POPonline's sister site to WCWF, my pro wrestling efederation. Gizba.com deleted my site within 2 days of completing it and did not state why.

    With that done, I've decided to leave my Michael Jackson site up at tripod.com, and just re organize and re-design the current site. You will see changes to POPonline throughout the year. More changes will also take place with my POPonline- Britney Spears site within this year or next.

    Eric Hembre "Prince Of Pop"
    POPonline Webmaster

    6-15-02: "I'm A Free Agent" Says Michael Jackson To The Fans

    An exuberant crowd welcomed Michael Jackson to the stage of the Equinox in Leicester Square, London, on 15th June.

    Michael, who had watched two hours of live performances from tribute artists at the MJNI Fan Club bash from his VIP box at the side of the stage, thanked the performers for their talent and the fans for their loyalty.

    He then began an unprecedented verbal assault on the appalling tactics of Sony Music who he accused of trying to "destroy" the INVINCIBLE album because they couldn't stand the thought that the artist had "out-thought" the company.

    Michael told his fans that he only had to do one more album for Sony, and that would be a box set with two new songs. "I can give them any old songs," he said, to laughter and rapturous applause. "I'm a free agent now," he continued, "but I walk away with 50% of Sony Publishing. They're very angry with me."

    Jackson described Sony CEO Tommy Mottola as "evil," "the devil" and said that his way of doing business had to be "terminated".

    All this was met with cheers from the 2,200 fans who were packed into the Equinox.

    Prior to his appearance on stage, fans were treated to a special 6 minute video that MJNI had commissioned, outlining the unique influence that Michael Jackson has had on successive generations of recording artists.

    Earlier in the day, Michael Jackson made a personal appearance at the Demonstration of Fan Support outside the offices of Sony Music. The demo was organised by MJNI and was fully supported by Angel, Planet Jackson and 40 other fan clubs from around the world. Hundreds upon hundreds of fans were packed into Great Marlborough Street to witness Michael's extraordinary contribution to the proceedings.

    On the top deck of an open-top London Sightseeing bus, Michael responded to chants of "Sony Sucks" by putting his thumbs up and, later, joining in with the chants. Central London was brought to a standstill as thousands of people vied for a closer look at the King of Pop.

    Gloria Haydock, President of MJ News International said after the Equinox event: "Today has been an extraordinary day in the world of Michael Jackson. He has delivered a heartfelt message to the people who have remained loyal to him for so many years - his fans. We are so proud that he chose to do it at our event; it has been a dream come true for MJNI."

    "I really don't like to talk much," Jackson had said, playfully, before he launched into his incredible indictment of Sony Music's underhand behaviour.

    Meanwhile, thousands of adoring fans and scores of policemen drafted in to deal with the mania have proved, once and for all, that Michael Jackson remains a force to be reckoned with.

    Source: MJNI

    6-14-02: POPonline New Site Relaunch Delayed

    Due to technical problems & lack of time, POPonline is delaying the launch of it's new website on gizba.com. The new site is now expected to be ready by September or October of 2002.

    Stay tuned!

    6-06-02: Jackson Takes Glove Off Against Sony

    NEW YORK-Michael Jackson on Wednesday became the latest pop star to jump on the artist rights bandwagon, accusing his record company, Sony Music, of questionable accounting practices.

    Jackson turned up the pressure by recruiting activist the Rev. Al Sharpton and lawyer Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. to launch an initiative to "emancipate" him and other recording artists from unfair contracts.

    "Economic servitude, no matter how comfortable the slave, is still slavery," Sharpton said.

    Cochran, who helped Jackson resolve a child molestation lawsuit for an estimated $20-million settlement, said, "This is a problem the record companies should be ashamed of. Artists have made billions for them."

    The flamboyant pair playfully called themselves "the Al and Johnnie" show, as they stood in front of press microphones at the W Court Hotel. But their sudden involvement in a growing artists' rights movement that began in California 18 months ago could bring additional trouble for the music industry.

    Sony executives declined to comment on the conflict with Jackson.

    At a time of dipping sales, Internet incursions and assorted lawsuits, the record companies face a new pair of formidable opponents representing East Coast musicians and black artists. The movement has wended its way from the West Coast to Sharpton's home turf, where he has seized on it as a matter of musicians' civil rights.

    Jackson said Sony is improperly requiring him to pay substantial sums of money that the company contends the singer owes for cash advances and promotion and production costs associated with his recent CD, "Invincible." Jackson said he does not owe Sony any money and has called into question the way the label has accounted for his royalty payments.

    "Record companies have to start treating their artists with respect, honor and financial justice," Jackson said in a statement.

    Industry sources said Jackson blames Sony for the poor performance of "Invincible" and has made overtures to leave the company. Sony has not objected to Jackson departing, company sources said, because under the terms of his contract, he owes the label only a greatest-hits compilation and a box set--neither of which requires new material.

    Sources said Jackson is free to shop for a new deal but is not off the hook for the advances he received until the sales of his albums recoup the outstanding amount.

    There has been much industry speculation that Jackson is strapped for cash and Sony has urged him to pay off his debt by forsaking his share of Sony/ATV, a music publishing joint venture that owns the rights to many Jackson songs and most of the Beatles catalog.

    Jackson procured a cash infusion several years ago from Sony by merging his publishing unit with Sony's publishing arm to form Sony/ATV.

    Sony denied Wednesday that the company was attempting to take over Jackson's half of the joint venture. Company executives said Sony has had no discussions with Jackson regarding his publishing assets.

    On Wednesday, Sharpton said he and Cochran had spoken with Jackson and Thomas D. Mottola, chairman of Sony Music Enterprises, but denied that their involvement in the artist movement was to help leverage Jackson out of his contract.

    "It's not about any one artist, but the whole industry," Cochran said.

    Long-standing industry practices reduce artists to the equivalent of indentured servants, Sharpton said, bound by extended contracts and compelled to repay promotion and production costs fronted by the companies before receiving any royalties.

    Sharpton said he will call for a summit of artists to pressure the Big Five record companies to reevaluate accounting practices, particularly the calculation of royalties for music sold in record clubs and other countries.

    He said that Mottola was willing to talk, and that they soon would be in discussions with the other four major labels, EMI Group, BMG, Vivendi Universal and AOL Time Warner Inc.

    "We come with a unique ability to do what we do," said Sharpton, alluding to the public opinion he and Cochran can galvanize.

    Although artists have long complained about unfair treatment from record companies, the attempt to gain more equitable agreements has gained momentum in the last year and a half.

    On Tuesday, rock star Courtney Love will go to trial to try to break what she calls her "unconscionable" contract with Vivendi Universal, the world's largest music corporation. Later this month, California lawmakers will vote on a bill that could open the door on free agency for music acts.

    The Recording Artists Coalition, a recently formed trade group representing more than 100 top acts, has been lobbying Congress for other reforms, including better health-care benefits and accounting techniques.

    Jackson isn't the first star to complain about Sony's accounting practices.

    Rock star Meat Loaf sued the corporation after conducting an audit of his record sales. He settled the case with Sony for an estimated $10 million.

    Last summer, the Dixie Chicks filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against the Japanese conglomerate, accusing it of "systematic thievery" and "corrupt" accounting. But the country pop trio recently worked out a settlement to resolve their dispute and are expected to drop their lawsuit.

    Here are some members of the Recording Artists Coalition, which is fighting for reforms in the music industry.

    * Beck
    * Clint Black
    * Jackson Browne
    * Solomon Burke
    * Dixie Chicks
    * Eric Clapton
    * Crosby, Stills & Nash
    * Neil Diamond
    * John Fogerty
    * Emmylou Harris
    * Don Henley
    * Enrique Iglesias
    * Elton John
    * Madonna
    * Randy Newman
    * Bonnie Raitt
    * R.E.M.
    * Bruce Springsteen
    * Sting
    * Stone Temple Pilots

    Source: LA Times

    6-05-02: POPonline Leaving Tripod.com

    After 4 years of service at Tripod, POPonline has found a new home. Effective in late August, or Early September of 2002, POPonline will launch it's new website. The website will be saved at Gizba.com. The move is being made for the need of new and more free web space that POPonline needs to keep running.

    In 1999, POPonline moved from Geocities to Tripod after 50mb of free space was offered. A few weeks ago, POPonline was notified that Tripod reduced the free space to 20mb, thus began charging for extra space over 20mb. POPonline was forced to delete some vital features to it's website to get under the 20mb guidelines. To that end, the decision was made to leave Tripod. POPonline will stay fully functional at Tripod until the new website is made. At the time that the new site is ready, POPonline at Tripod will be shut down for good.

    Stay tuned for future announcements

    - Eric M. Hembre "Prince Of Pop"
    Webmaster @ POPonline

    6-01-02: Michael Jackson Won't Attend Press Conference

    It has now been confirmed that Michael Jackson won't participate in the discussion that Johnnie Cochran and Rev. Al Sharpton will have in New York on June 5th about the treatment record companies give to the artists. Other important engagements in California prevent him from attending the event. Michael Jackson remains totally supportive of the initiative, however.

    Source: Planet Jackson

    5-30-02: Michael Jackson Stars In New Record-Biz Probe

    Michael Jackson will be the first artist to participate in an initiative by the Rev. Al Sharpton and lawyer Johnnie Cochran to ensure that recording artists are treated fairly by the music industry. Sharpton and Cochran will announce plans Wednesday at a New York news conference to begin looking at such problems as unpaid royalties and onerous contracts. Sharpton says they plan to quiz Sony Records executives about their business dealings with Jackson. Cochran, who over the years has represented several stars including Jackson, says that after years of hearing sad stories about artists winding up broke, the initiative "is an idea whose time has come."

    Source: USA Today

    5-21-02: 3T Released From Their Sony Music Contract

    On their message board today, 3T member TJ announced that he and his brothers are now free to leave Sony Music.

    "Just wanted to let you guys know we are finally free from Sony. We met with our attorney today and signed the contract that released us from Sony Music. Ironically it is nine years to this date when the original contract was signed (May 21, 1993). Here we are almost a decade later with only one album to show. Well better late than never I guess. We really wanted to thank you guys for all the help and support. We believe you guys made a difference. Within a month or two we should know which label 3T will call home. We will work hard to get the new album in your hands as soon as possible. In the mean time, I promise to keep you tuned in!!!!

    Thanks again, TJ Jackson"

    3T are the nephews of Michael Jackson. Some of their most famous works include "Why", "I Need You", and "Didn't Mean To Hurt You".

    5-16-02: Michael Jackson To Attend Special Event in London

    On June 15th, fans from all over Europe will converge on London for the most special Michael Jackson event of the year.

    As they get together in an unprecedented effort to support the promotion of "Invincible", fans will have the amazing opportunity to see the King of Pop in person at a unique event organized by British fan-club MJNI.

    It has now been confirmed that Michael Jackson will be in attendance at the Equinox, Leicester Square, London, for MJNI's party celebrating the King of Pop.

    Prior to the party, a large demonstration of fan support will be held by MJNI as a surprise for Michael Jackson, who will be in London that day on private business.

    For additional information on the event, how to participate in the demonstration and attend the MJNI party, visit: www.mjni.com Source: Planet Jackson

    4-25-02: Michael Jackson Records Thank You Message To The Fans

    Michael Jackson made a phone call to the fans through MJNI, Planet Jackson and the Angel fan sites to thank them and the fans worldwide for their support to get his 2001 album "Invincible" promoted.

    At this time, a recording of the phone call was recorded in mp3 format, but it is in poor quality. POPonline will post a link to a mp3, or Real Media format file when one in good quality comes up.

    If you live in Europe and would like to make a phone call to hear the message, visit MJNI, Planet Jackson, or the Angel fan club websites for more information.


    3-06-02: Sony Fires Back On Jackson Rumors Regarding ATV Music

    Sony Music moved swiftly Tuesday to stamp out a swirl of speculation that it was maneuvering to acquire the remaining half of ATV Music Publishing -- which includes more than 250 songs from the Beatles' back-catalog -- from waning superstar Michael Jackson.

    "We are not in discussions with Mr. Jackson over the sale of his share of the ATV catalog," a Sony rep insisted. "These rumors are completely baseless." But the insider chatter over a possible deal nevertheless put a spotlight on the Gloved One's financial situation, which has reportedly deteriorated steadily amid declining record sales, legal expenses and superstar-level living costs. Indeed, sources close to the situation had said Sony, whose Epic division puts out Jackson's records, wasn't looking to buy the Beatles songs so much as foreclose on them -- Jackson's share of the catalog is said to be pledged against loans to the singer of about $200 million.

    The self-proclaimed King of Pop's expense sheets tell only half the story. During Jackson's heyday in the 1980s, when his LP "Thriller" shattered all-time sales records worldwide, success hid a multitude of sins. But sales of his latest effort, "Invincible," which is said to have cost $30 million to produce, have barely dented 2 million over the past six months. Losing the Beatles catalog, while perhaps alleviating some short-term liquidity woes, would amost certainly hurt Jackson in the long run. Its sale value is amorphous -- industryites have put it at anywhere from $400 million to more than $1 billion.

    But as a business, it's a goldmine of Swiss-watch reliability. The publishing rights to the more famous Beatles tracks, classics like "Yesterday" and "Let It Be" -- fetch more than $250,000 per use. Even after paying a share to Paul McCartney and the John Lennon estate, that means millions in steady income per year. If Jackson's own bankability among pop-music fans continues to wane, it may look increasingly foolhardy to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

    Source: Reuters

    3-01-02: Sony Setting On Jackson?

    Reports of a possible end to Michael Jackson’s quarter-century-plus relationship with Sony is stirring jaws to jabber over the status of the King of Pop’s complex business relationship with the Japanese media conglom. Insiders are saying he owes some new material, though how much is unclear. The wrinkle is Jackson’s 50/50 ownership of Sony/ATV Music, which means he’s in business with them regardless of his recording future. Jackson has been making lotsa noise recently about wanting out of his Epic deal, claiming the label hasn’t properly promoted his current album "Invincible"

    POPonline will report any breaking news on this story when it becomes available.

    Source: Hits Daily Music & POPonline

    2-28-02: Michael Loses At Grammy's & Is A No Show

    Just days before the 44th Annual Grammy Awards, Michael Jackson backed out of performing and appearing at music's big event of the year. The reasons are unknown at this time.

    Michael was up for 1 nomination for Best Male Pop Performance for "You Rock My World". Michael lost to James Taylor.

    Source: POPonline

    2-27-02: Michael Jackson Salutes Lionel Richie

    The latest issue of Billboard magazine contains a special section dedicated to Lionel Richie celebrating his career, and titled "The 20th Anniversary Billboard Salute." Michael Jackson bought a page in this special Billboard issue to honor his long-time friend. The full-page ad is illustrated with the MJJ logo and reads: "Congratulations on your 20th Love, Michael"

    Source: Planet Jackson

    2-27-02: World Music Awards 2002

    Michael Jackson won't be attending this year's World Music Awards in Monaco. Michael Jackson is nominated in the World's Best-Selling Male Artist category with Enrique Iglesias, Robbie Williams and Shaggy. The World Music Awards will take place on March 6th.

    Source: Planet Jackson

    2-26-02: Michael Jackson Invests In Film Company

    Courtesy of trade publication The Hollywood Reporter, here is Chris Gardner's detailed report about Michael Jackson's new venture with independant film company MDP Worldwide.

    Michael Jackson's Neverland Entertainment has invested $15 million-$20 million in Mark Damon's production and distribution company MDP Worldwide, making Jackson and his new producing partner Raju Patel major shareholders in the company.

    As part of the deal, MDP —which is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange— will operate a new division, Neverland Pictures, headed by Michael Jackson and Patel along with key executive Lawrence Mortoff. The company plans to produce a range of projects with a focus on family films and reimaginations of classics, some of which might be directed by and/or star Michael Jackson.

    Neverland Pictures will finance the projects independently and through a combination of presales and domestic output deals, Patel said, adding that the division is interviewing candidates to fill development and production staff.

    The venture was announced Sunday night during a private dinner reception at Damon's hillside Benedict Canyon home, attended by 250 guests, comprised mostly of international buyers and executives in town for the American Film Market. Making a rare appearance, Michael Jackson showed up along with longtime friend Elizabeth Taylor and "Rush Hour" helmer Brett Ratner to tout the deal.

    Until his arrival, it was not clear whether Michael Jackson would show up at the event, but suddenly he appeared from a nearby dining room and entered the dinner tent to a standing ovation, arm in arm with Elizabeth Taylor. After making it to their thronelike chairs onstage, Michael Jackson took to the microphone and explained his decision to invest in MDP and enter the independant film business.

    "I dream great dreams," Michael Jackson said. "Everything I've achieved started with a dream, and of all the dreams, this is the one I am most passionate about. The painter paints, the sculptor sculpts, but they just capture a glimpse of life -- of the subject. And film, this medium, you live with the protagonist, you suffer with the protagonist, you laugh with the protagonist, you despair with the protagonist. It's the most artistic, influential medium of all. I am very proud of what we're doing, and I promise you wonderful and fantastical things to come."

    After his onstage appearance, the notoriously shy King of Pop elaborated in an interview about his plans for Neverland Pictures. He said he will be involved in all aspects of the company, such as reading scripts, plucking talent and directing.

    "I have a lot to express in film," Michael Jackson said, revealing that his favorite movie is "To Kill a Mockingbird." "I'll be doing the whole thing, behind and in front (of the camera). I love it."

    Another movie Michael Jackson is fond of is 1994's "The Jungle Book," which Patel produced and Damon executive produced, marking the duo's first collaboration. After seeing the movie, Michael Jackson called Patel, who also produced "The Adventures of Pinocchio" and "The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo," to compliment him on his work, and the two became friends.

    That brought Michael Jackson and Patel to Damon's MDP. Patel said he and Michael Jackson chose to invest in MDP and launch Neverland under their banner to gain creative freedom outside the studio system. "Michael wants control, and that's hard to get at a studio level," he said. "He wants to be able to go straight from an idea into the marketing."

    Talks of the MDP/Neverland venture began late last year.

    Damon, producer of more than 40 films, including "Das Boot," "9 1/2 Weeks," "Short Circuit," "Never Say Never Again," "Cotton Club" and, most recently, "The Musketeer," said: "A couple of months ago, Raju Patel -- an old friend of mine -- came to me and said, 'Michael Jackson wants to make movies. He wants to innovate, he wants to do something special and important, and he wants to get involved in pictures. Would you be interested in working with him?' And I said, 'Are you kidding? Get him over here.' "

    The deal, negotiated for Neverland by Mortoff and attorney Bruce Vann along with Michael Eliasberg for MDP, wrapped up late Friday. Among the revelers on hand for the Neverland/MDP announcement was Faye Dunaway, who said she came out to meet Michael Jackson for the first time. "He is truly one of the most exciting talents of our time," she said. "And I can't wait to see what they come up with."

    Neverland already has a slate of projects, with three of them expected to be announced shortly. Whether any of those include Michael Jackson-directed projects is unclear, but if he's not willing to hop behind the camera so soon, his close friend Taylor is.

    "I wanted to direct for quite a while," Taylor said in an interview. "I've observed and picked up so much from other directors and other actors and learned just by osmosis. I'd like to take the knowledge I've learned from them and have a go at it."

    Source: The Hollywood Reporter & Planet Jackson

    2-25-02: Michael Wins 3 NAACP Image Awards

    The 33rd NAACP Image Awards took place last Saturday, February 23rd, at the Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA. The event was taped before a live audience and will air on Fox in the USA in early March.

    Michael Jackson was nominated in 6 categories and won 3 awards:

  • Best Variety Special: "Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration"
  • Best Performance in a Variety Special: "Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration"
  • Best Music Video: "You Rock My World"

    Michael Jackson did not attend the ceremony.

    Source: Planet Jackson

    2-25-02: Michael Jackson & Sony Music Split Rumors

    There are more rumors breaking out today about a possible split between Michael Jackson, Epic Records and their parent company Sony Music. While no official statement has been released by either parties, the evidence is there for this possible split:

  • No Released Videos & Singles
  • Constant Delays In Releases
  • No New Appearances By Michael At Any Events

    While POPonline doesn't post news that doesn't have credible sources, it strongly feels that there is something going on with this, and will be addressed shortly. POPonline will stay on top of this and announce any late breaking news regarding this.

    Stay tuned!

    - POPonline

    2-23-02: "Unbreakable" Release Postponed"

    The international release of the "Unbreakable" single has been postponed to an undetermined date.

    In the USA, the radio release of "Heaven Can Wait" has also been put on hold.

    Source: Planet Jackson

    2-19-02: "Heaven Can Wait" To Be Released in America

    "Heaven Can Wait" will be released to American radios in March. It will be Michael Jackson's new single off of "Invincible" in the USA, following "You Rock My World," "Cry," and "Butterflies".

    "Heaven Can Wait" will only be released to radios in the USA.

    Source: Planet Jackson

    2-01-02: Michael Jackson Sued By Concert Promoter

    HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Concert promoter Marcel Avram has sued Michael Jackson, claiming the pop star is looking for another promoter for an as-yet-unannounced world tour despite a signed agreement with Avram. He is seeking in excess of $20 million in damages.

    According to the complaint, filed last week in Superior Court in Santa Barbara County, Avram -- who handled Jackson's 1992-93 "Dangerous" and 1996-97 "History" tours -- was asked to pay a substantial amount of money Jackson owed to doctors in Germany.

    Avram's attorney, Skip Miller, declined to say why Jackson owed money to German doctors and why he didn't pay it himself. He did say, however, that the amount was several hundred thousand dollars.

    In exchange for Avram's paying the doctors, Jackson agreed in writing that Avram would promote his next world tour. But, the suit alleges, Jackson is believed to be negotiating with other unknown parties regarding the promotion of his upcoming tour. Jackson has not responded to phone calls and letters from Avram, said Miller, who works at Christensen, Miller, Fink, Jacobs, Glaser, Weil & Shapiro.

    Also pending is a suit Avram filed in June 2000 claiming the pop star backed out of two millennium concerts planned for Sydney and Honolulu. In that case, Avram is seeking in excess of $25 million for lost profits plus expenses for two charity concerts he arranged for Jackson in Seoul and Munich.

    Reps for Jackson at Susan Blond Inc. declined to comment.

    Source: Reuters

    1-31-02: Michael Jackson & Sony Split Rumor

    There is a hot bed of rumors and speculation going around on the Michael Jackson and music internet world that states that Michael and Sony may be on the outs. There is no official word yet, but sources at Hits Daily Double state that major superstar will part with his or her long time record label. Most believe this is Michael because of the situation with Invincible and the constant delays of single and video releases.

    POPonline usually doesn't post news that isn't official, but it feels this will be official. Once official word does come, weather it's from Sony Music, Michael Jackson's official site, or Planet Jackson, POPonline will report on it.

    Stay tuned for further breaking details


    1-25-02: "Butterflies" Single Commercial Release in Doubt

    The commercial release of the "Butterflies" single has been put on hold in the USA. The single won't be available on February 12th as originally planned. A reschedule of the release is still possible, but unlikely at this stage.

    Source: Planet Jackson

    1-25-02: "Unbreakable" Released in March

    The "Unbreakable" single will be commercially released internationally on March 4th, except in the USA where no commercial release date has been set yet. In Europe, the single will be available in 3 different formats: CD single, CD maxi single and 12" vinyl maxi single.

    Source: Planet Jackson

    1-18-02: Michael Jackson Featured On Brandy's New Album

    Michael Jackson will be featured on Brandy's new album, titled Full Moon, out March 5th. The song "It's Not Worth It," produced by Rodney Jerkins, contains an original sample of Michael Jackson's voice from a voice session that took place during the recording of "Invincible".

    Source: Planet Jackson

    1-17-02: Michael Jackson Internet Fan Club Shuts Down

    Dear MJIFC members and all web site visitors,

    As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with the Michael Jackson Internet Fan Club. After almost seven years of fun-filled hard work for the MJIFC, we are now ready to move on to other tasks in our lives. This means that we have decided to close this fan club. We have pondered this decision for quite some time, as it certainly has not been an easy one.

    We have taken steps in order to ensure that all funds raised by MJIFC for the "Sponsored Child Project" will continue supporting the twins Kehinde and Taiwo into the future.

    Also, your email address information that is registered with the club will not be disclosed or transferred to any person or organization.

    In March 1995, when the MJIFC was established, it served as the primary meeting place for Michael's fans to have fun and share information. Much has happened since then: our club has experienced great growth in its membership, its web site and its mailing list services. And along with the growth of MJIFC over the years, the Michael Jackson world has literally exploded all over the Internet to the point that today there are hundreds of web sites devoted to Michael, offering many services to fans.

    While we realize that the MJIFC has been a popular meeting place for Michael Jackson fans from all over the world, we are sure that our members will find many other places on the Internet where to meet fellow fans, get informed, and find opportunities to show their support for Michael.

    We wish to thank you, our members and web site visitors, for your support over the years. It has been a pleasure to serve you for so many years and we are very proud of what you have helped the club achieve.

    Happy Michaeling!
    The MJIFC Team

    Source: MJIFC

    1-14-02: "Butterflies" Single Release Pushed Back Again

    The American commercial release of "Butterflies" has been pushed back again. It is now scheduled to be released in the USA on February 12th.

    Both the "Butterflies" CD maxi single and 12" vinyl maxi single will be released on that same day.

    Source: Planet Jackson

    1-11-02: "Unbreakable" Is The New Single

    "Unbreakable" will be Michael Jackson's new single internationally, following "Butterflies" in the USA and "Cry" in Europe. "Unbreakable" will hit radios in Europe on February 4th and will be commercially release on the European market in early March.

    Main photography on the "Unbreakable" short-film is to begin this February.

    Source: Planet Jackson

    1-08-02: "Butterflies" CD Release Pushed Back

    The commercial release of the "Butterflies" CD maxi single has been pushed back to January 29th. It was originally scheduled to be released in the USA on January 15th. The commercial release date of the "Butterflies" 12" vinyl maxi single has not been changed, however. It still remains January 22nd.

    Source: Planet Jackson

    1-08-02: Michael Jackson to Attend AMA and Grammys

    Michael Jackson will appear at both the American Music Awards and the Grammy Awards this year.

    The King of Pop will attend the 29th American Music Awards on Wednesday, January 9th, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The show will be broadcast live on ABC. During the evening, Michael Jackson will receive the American Music Award Artist of the Century Award for his outstanding achievements as a solo artist. A live performance of “Man In The Mirror” is also scheduled.

    Michael Jackson is also expected to attend the 44th Grammy Awards on Wednesday, February 27, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The show will be broadcast on CBS. Since INVINCIBLE was released in October, it is not eligible for the Grammy Awards until next year. Michael Jackson has therefore only one nomination for “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance” with “You Rock My World.” The other nominees in this category are Craig David, Elton John, Brian McKnight and James Taylor. As of this date, it is not confirmed whether Michael Jackson will perform a number live at the Grammy Awards.

    Source: Planet Jackson

    1-01-02: Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone. Let's hope for peace and love in 2002!